Rock, Swing and Swirl in Burgundy

For almost three centuries, the winemaking families of Château de Pommard have left their indelible footprints in the soil. From the Micaults, the first family of Pommard, to the Marey-Monges, the most influential dynasty in all of Burgundy, and now our family, Famille Carabello-Baum, has the honor of guiding the estate into the future.

Making wine is hard work and sometimes we need to take a break.  Rootstock is our way of stepping back to relax and enjoy the beauty all around us.  Its a chance for us to share this place with with music, wine and food lovers from around the world for one incredible weekend.

We hope you join in celebrating the unbelievable musicians, singers, chefs, sommeliers, winemakers, brew masters, yogis, fashionistas and artists gracing us with their talents at Rootstock.

We have a feeling you’ll want to return next year.

A Lovely Place to Fall in Love

Just three kilometres south from Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy, Château de Pommard sits in the centre of the Côte d’Or surrounded by ageless, timeless beauty.  It’s a place where grand architecture and passionate winemaking converge among the vines.

But, Château de Pommard is more than just a winery. It is a lifestyle. It’s a place to slow down, reconnect with the wonders of nature, walk among the vines and live a happy and healthy life. It’s where you will experience the five senses of fine wine: the sight of a magnificent vineyard, the sound of a bottle being opened, the smell of aromatic wine swirling inside of the glass, the taste of elegant wine on palate, and the feel of a wine’s supple texture.

Château de Pommard is a place to fall in love with life.

Full of History

It all started in 1726 when Vivant Micault, then King Louis XV’s secretary built a winemaking empire the envy of Burgundy.  It survived a revolution and it prospered under the most powerful dynasty in Burgundy winemaking, the Marey-Monge family.  With nearly 300 years of family ownership, Château de Pommard remains one of the oldest family owned and operated winemakers in Burgundy.

The history of the land, however dates much further.  Our cherished vineyard, Clos Marey-Monge, sits on top of a geological structure that has been 150 million years in the making and allows even greater Pinot Noir growing conditions to flourish. The cherished terroir of Pommard, and its 27 identified climats, have been cultivated and carefully preserved for thousands of years by the many protectors of this amazing viticultural jewel.

Fueled by Passion

Nature. Viticulture. Winemaking.  That’s our passion.  In a constantly connected and distracted society, wine remains one of our most important and long-lasting relationships with the earth.  Embracing sustainability and biodynamics is not just about making delightfully nuanced wines – that’s a bonus – it’s about making a connection with our planet that represents the best of who we are and resonates with who we aspire to be. We know that in the end, our commitment to these practices and our respect for the land will make it possible for us to leave this place better than we found it. Not just for now, but for the generations to come.

Ultimately, we are devoted to celebrating and sharing our enthusiasm for life. Making elegant wines is what we do, but purveyors of passion – that’s who we are. For us, life is all about passion – a passion for wine, a passion for music, a passion  for food, a passion for whatever feeds your spirit. It’s a healthy and respectful ethos for our minds, our bodies and our souls. It’s about savoring every last sip out of the wine glass of life and then filling it back up. For most of us, that means being dedicated to something purposeful and spending time with those who mean the most to you. It’s about finding the time to fall in love with life every single day and sharing that feeling with the world. It sounds simple, but it’s a lot harder than you think.

Give it a try. You never know where the feeling might take you…

With from Famille Carabello-Baum