Grand Tasting

In the expert hands of Emmanuel Sala and one of our sommeliers, enjoy the true taste of Burgundy with a very grand tasting of our Family and Clos wines (it's complementary too, included with your Rootstock ticket!). Emmanuel will introduce you to the famed winemaking savoir faire of Burgundy as well as show you how to properly taste and savor the most envied wines on the planet.

Burgundy Wine Bar

Featuring a range of wines from Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune and Clos Marey-Monge, the Burgundy Wine Bar will bring you in to the heart of this famed wine region. From elegant Pinot Noir to crisp Chardonnays, Rootstock offers the very best of the region and of France, with the help of professional sommeliers and wine advisors. We promise you won’t go thirsty. And if you need a top up, simply shout "Salut!" and we'll come find you.

Champagne Bar

The zest of life hides inside every Champagne bottle, each one made with love from the Champagne region. Our Champagne Bar will be full of bubbles, including exclusive cuvées from our Champagne partners.

Rootstock Rosé Bar

Be the first to taste our special Rootstock Rosé cuvée, made from the Pinot Noir grapes of Clos Marey-Monge. A very lucky limited edition of only 1,000 bottles has been made by winemaker Emmanuel to celebrate this special occasion. Befriend Emmanuel and, who knows, he may even let you buy a bottle.

Cocktail Bar

Get your favorite cocktail ready for our bartenders at Rootstock Cocktail Bar. Savor the Rootstock experience with this one of a kind cocktail combining rare spirits, herbs and fruits. Come and enjoy!

The Chefs Alley

For the foodies! Rootstock is at the center of the Côte d’Or, one of the hottest spots for famed French gastronomy. Indeed, Burgundy attracts the highest number of Michelin star chefs than any other region in the country. It’s little wonder that many food lovers regard our wine's birthplace as the must-see region for culinary prowess.

For fresh food, discover Chefs Alley, where we can offer a variety of delicious treats from a range Burgundy’s finest quality restaurateurs, the perfect pairing for that glass of wine you can't stop thinking about.

As you unwind with your favorite grapes and full-up from feeling the love of lovingly prepared fresh food, don’t forget to follow the sound of music into the vineyard and indulge your musical senses without moderation.

Morning Glory Café

Expresso, cappuccino, or iced latte ? Enjoy a coffee, a tea break or a fresh fruit juice with family and friends, and meet the young team of the Morning Glory Café at Rootstock. A good break to keep you awake all day!

BAB & Belenium Artisanal Burgundy Beer Pubs

Discover the delicious organic beer of our local partner BAB (Bières Artisanales de Bourgogne), and fill up on five Audacieuse cuvées, from the light blond Festiv'Ale to the creamy and fruity Estiv'Ale. Our enticing Pub will remind you that Burgundy is also a hot spot of great beers. Cheers!

Zen Zone

Take a moment or two in the peaceful paradise of Rootstock's Gardens, the perfect place for music made to soothe. Meet our yoga Gourou Thierry Darnon, our shiatsu therapist Patricia, and our beauty partners featuring L'Appart de Zach and Dany hairdressers, Shambali Spa, and several others! Spend the afternoon being pleasurably pampered or attend the beauty workshops, all available for free. Rootstock will brighten your weekend, guaranteed.

Rootstock Market

Our fashion, jewelery, arts and craft and body painting partners will be available throughout the estate, a perfect place to discover young and talented creatives with an eye for style!